I am a qualified Level 4 REPs Personal Trainer with GP referral and specialisms in sports, exercise, lower back pain, rehabilitation, pre & post natal, nutrition, weight management and fitness training in many disciplines, from circuits to suspension training, core strength, kettlebells and much more.

I am not your usual PT – I specifically focus on technique and postural realignment, ensuring that you are doing the right exercise for your goals in the right way. Train with me and you will see results – that is a guarantee! I train complete newbies to super-fit athletes (footballers, rugby players, horse riders, marathon runners and much more). You may think that squats will give you rock hard glutes, but if you aren’t activating them correctly, those squats won’t get you anywhere! Let me show you how to do things the right way!

I created MyFitZone which is an on-demand online fitness and nutrition business with bespoke programmes for you to follow.  I use the same approach for all my one-to-one PT clients so they can get the benefit for their home workouts and nutrition too.

I am both your one-to-one trainer and your online personal trainer and my passion is to get the people of Reading and the world fit and healthy. Local people are my focus and through MyFitZone I have amassed a regular clientele attending my wide range of fitness classes and personal training locally to Shinfield. I have attracted this following because of the unique and different approach to my classes, offering a really personalised perspective and really focusing on the well-being and goals of each individual member.  Most importantly, I focus on the correct exercise technique to prevent injury and enable people to get more out of the time they spend exercising.

I believe that there are so many people who care about their health, fitness and appearance but feel that joining a gym is not the right approach for them. This may be because of high monthly costs, demanding personal time commitments, or that they simply find the average gym environment intimidating or uncomfortable.

In addition, many people struggle with the self-motivation to consistently maintain a home-based health and fitness approach. Often this is because it is something they have to do alone, without the support, motivation and encouragement of others.

The MyFitZone Philosophy

At MyFitZone, I believe in creating a hub for real people living real lives, creating a local community filled with people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels that want to lose weight, get healthy and fit, or are already super-fit and want to take it to the next level.

I want to share the learnings from my experiences of using different workout programmes, nutrition plans and exercise methods. I have spent many years designing specific workouts and meal plans for specific goals, and understand what it takes to transform your way of thinking, achieve those goals and get in the best shape of your life.


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