Functional Fit

Functional Fit

Functional training enhances functional strength, balance and flexibility – in other words, fitness for daily activities rather than something specific like a competition or race. Like picking something up, to turning and reaching for something. It mimics your everyday actions while providing you with a cardio workout that engages multiple muscle groups and works your body through multi-directional moves.

What are the benefits?

By imitating everyday movement patterns, your body has an increased ability to cope with daily stresses and as a result, reduces the risk of injury.

As well as giving you a strength and cardio workout, you can expect improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance and posture.

What’s involved?

Functional Fit is a circuits based class that uses bodyweight and utilises a range of equipment including weights, battle ropes, slam balls, kettlebells and more. The class is 45 minutes long offering fun and varied sessions.

How many calories will I burn?

Depending on the intensity you should burn approximately 400 calories, all important for those weight loss goals!

As it incorporates resistance training, calories are burned at an increased rate long after you finish the class.


Timetable for 2018


Monday Mornings 9.15am – Outdoor Bootcamp – Croft Gardens Park


Email me at to book.


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