Postnatal Body Blitz

Current location – Croft Gardens Park (the location is subject to change but will still be in Shinfield/Spencer’s Wood).

I am really excited about your interest in my Postnatal Body Blitz. These classes are designed to provide safe workouts that will help you keep fit and healthy in the months following the birth of your baby.

I am a qualified Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. The sessions are based on my varied experience with training postnatal women, including those who have had C-Section births. I focus on breathing and activating your deep inner core muscles and pelvic floor and ensure that your journey to recovery is safe and effective with lasting results.

I will be taking you through the workouts, dealing with complications, including what not to do when you are not in my sessions and how to maximise results from daily activities.

What to expect: –

1 – Sessions

Ideally, I want you to come to both sessions per week, plus you will be given home workouts to follow. If you are unable to make both sessions or there are a few you will miss, I will provide you with a workout that you can fit in around your routine at home.

2 – Nutrition – follow the recommendations that I will provide you

You will be asked to complete a food diary for your own records or I can help you by reviewing it for you. You will receive a nutrition pack to follow when signing up to the course. Keeping a food diary is an effective way to keep track of whether you are having a balanced and nutritious diet. Remember it’s not a good idea to go on a strict low-calorie diet – especially if you are breastfeeding.

3 – Ask questions, keep talking to me and make the most of my services

I will be offering guidance, help and support outside of these sessions. Let me know whenever you’re struggling or if you just need motivation – or you if you have any specific questions about certain conditions or exercises that you find challenging. A group will be set up prior to this course so everyone can support and encourage each other.

4 – Body Stats

I will be taking your body fat %, weight, BMI and measurements prior to your first day. I will be in contact regarding a couple of open sessions that you can come along to for this or if you can’t make it them a separate one to one session can be booked.

To book please make payment to: –

My Fit Zone Ltd

Barclays Bank

Sort Code – 201174

Account Number – 53268292

Quote reference: – postnatal followed by 00 and your initials –i.e. postnatal00ac


Pay as you go – £10 per class

6-week course – £90 if committing to 2 sessions weekly and £50 for 1 session weekly

12-week course – £150 if committing to 2 sessions weekly and £100 for 1 session weekly

Home workout videos and PDF workouts to follow at home are included

For more information and interest in this course – email me –


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