Stretch & Tone

Suitable for any level of fitness, the classes are low-impact with a real focus on proper engagement of your abdominals to build core strength as well and toning and stretching your muscles through various exercises that will improve flexibility and strength.

The classes will focus a lot on technique and activating your muscles correctly and efficiently. Many super-fit people often think that they are activating their muscles correctly when in fact they aren’t, and as a result are not getting the most out of their time spent working out. Beginners will get the benefit of toning up and starting out training and activating your muscles in the right way to ensure your fitness progresses for all activities that you do without the concern of causing injury.

I will be giving you all homework exercises to practice each week to ensure you progress through the course in the best possible way.


Stretch & Tone is about balancing your body and helps improve overall fitness, but the class focuses more on mind-centering types of exercise, using breathing techniques to improve your strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.


Each Stretch&Tone class is formatted to include 60 minutes of exercise. The class begins with a breathing warm-up of flowing moves. Next, is a series of yoga/pilates style movements including sun salutations to warm up the body, followed by standing stretches, balances and hip-openers. Once that segment is complete, you will move to the floor for core work, stretching, twists and bends. The class then ends with breathing meditation and observation of the effects of the class on the body and mental state.


Stretch&Tone classes aim to improve cardiovascular fitness, improve core and back strength, reduce stress levels and improve flexibility.  People attending classes have experienced reduced stress levels, improved back pain issues, body rebalancing and an overall sense of calm and well-being.


Stretch&Tone classes are formatted to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. However, expectant mothers and those with back pain may need to take special precautions during class to ensure the safety of both mother and baby. Just ask me – I am here to help!


Timetable for 2018


Monday Evenings 7.00pm – Stretch & Tone – Oakbank School Gym

6-week course starting 19th February – £30.


Tuesday Mornings 9.15am – Stretch & Tone – Shinfield Parish Hall

6-week course starting 20th February – £30.


Email me at to book.


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